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Breastfeeding Benefits: & best tips on latching, position and increasing milk supply

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August is National Breastfeeding Month! This month we will be advocating the importance of breastfeeding, from its benefits to facts and tips for everyone.

Mother milk is like a nectar for your newborn. It is the only recommended food for your infant until 6 months of age. Breast milk keeps your baby away from diseases, malnutrition and improves baby’s immune system. The baby gets all the essentials nutrients from mom’s milk & it decreases death ratio among infants.

It is always advisable to keep your newborn only on breast milk for first six months because these months are most crucial months for baby development & growth.

To make mommies aware of breastfeeding & its benefits, the first week of August is celebrated as “Breastfeeding Week” worldwide.

Breastfeeding is not only about feeding your baby, it’s about knowing the benefits of breastfeeding, nursing positions, correct latching technique, ways to improve breast milk supply, making sure that baby is getting enough milk.

In today’s topic, we’re going to be talking about breast milk. Why is it necessary? What are the benefits? All these questions and more can be answered below.

Benefits of Breast Milk

  1. Its natural way of feeding your newborn. It doesn’t require extra cost or equipment to feed your baby. Keeps baby away from hunger.
  2. Your infant will get all the essential nutrients & minerals from mom’s milk. It’s a perfect mix of Calcium, Vitamins, Protein & required fat.
  3. It helps to improve baby’s immune system. Breast milk contains antibodies which help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria. Babies who are completely on mom’s milk until 6 months of age have fewer hospitalizations and visits to the doctor.
  4. It helps to make a bond with your newborn. Babies always feel safe & secure when they are in touch with mom. Skin to skin contact has a great healing power. If your baby is cranky or not feeling well then breastfeed your baby. It will help your baby to calm down.
  5. Helps new mommies to reduce postpartum weight. Nursing burns up calories. Example if you are nursing your newborn 20 ounces a day, you are actually burning up 400 calories a day.
  6. Breastfeeding lowers your baby’s risk of SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  7. Breastfed infants are like to gain right amount weight and reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions diabetes, obesity.
  8. It helps new mom’s uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size

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