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Positions while Breastfeeding

Baby must be positioned properly. Hold your baby in a comfortable position so that he doesn’t have to twist his neck to feed. Try four popular breastfeeding positions to find the best for you and your baby while nursing. You can enjoy nursing experience only once you and your little one feel relaxed.

Breastfeeding Positions:

Cradle Position


successful breastfeeding jacksonvilleIt is the most commonly used position soon after the baby is born. It requires you to cradle your baby’s head with the crook of your arm with your baby’s nose opposite your nipple. Use that hand to support your baby’s bottom. Tuck her lower arm under your own.

Turn your baby on his side with his face, stomach directly facing you. Raise your baby to your breast. You can support your breast with your other hand. Sit in a comfortable chair having armrests or on a bed with lots of pillows.



Coss-Cradle Position

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This position is similar to the cradle hold but your arms are positioned differently. In this position, you don’t support your baby’s head with the crook of your arm. Use the hand of that arm to support your breast. Your opposite arm should come around the back of your baby.

Like the cradle position, turn your baby on his side with his chest & tummy directly facing you. With your thumb and fingers behind his head and below his ears, guide baby’s mouth to your breast. This position works best for an infant who has a latching issue.

Football Position

This position is best for mom’s having c-section to protect your belly from the pressure/weight of your baby. Also a good position for moms having twins to feed both babies at the same time. In this position, you tuck your baby under your arm on the same side that you’re nursing from.

To achieve this position. First, place 1 or 2 pillows at your side, Now position your baby at your side, under your arm. Your baby’s feet and legs should be tucked under your arm & pointing towards your back. Then lift your baby to your breast. Use your forearm to support her upper back & hand to support his head.



Side-Lying Position

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This position is best for night feeding. Also comfortable position for moms having c-section. Start by lying on your side and turn your baby on his side with his chest & tummy directly facing you. Your baby should be positioned so his nose is opposite your nipple.

You can use pillow or blanket behind your baby to move towards you. Cradle your baby’s head with the hand of your bottom arm. You can support your breast with your other hand.

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