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Wendy’s New Breakfast Items Are Nothing More Than Sugar and Fat Bombs

Popular fast-food chain Wendy’s announced in a press release this month that it’s revamping its breakfast menu.

The new menu, which is currently available in 300 of its restaurants with plans to expand nationwide in 2020, takes some of its popular items and gives them a first-meal-of-the-day twist.

“Launching breakfast in our U.S. restaurants nationwide provides incredible growth opportunities,” Todd Penegor, president and CEO of The Wendy’s Company, said in the release.

The company recently teased part of that growth to the public by unveiling a few signature items on the new menu: a honey butter chicken biscuit, a Frosty-ccino (a cold brew coffee–infused milkshake), and the Breakfast Baconator sandwich.

While Wendy’s fans might welcome the idea of a milkshake with cold brew in the morning, just how nutritious are these new breakfast menu items?

Registered dietitians say that if you’re looking for the healthiest breakfast items, you might want to look elsewhere.

“I would not recommend these for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There is nearly no redeeming quality to these items,” Dana Hunnes, PhD, MPH, RD, a senior dietitian at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center, told Healthline.

“Perhaps the one thing they offer is protein, like the sandwiches. However, their protein sources are extremely high in saturated fat, salt, and calories,” she said.