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Secret Mantra of Successful Breastfeeding

Successful Breastfeeding

Successful breastfeeding is not something that is learned in one day. To better assist your baby and become successful at breastfeeding you must get comfortable with yourself and understand your baby’s needs. Below are three great tips on to help you become successful at breastfeeding.

Listen Your baby

Every mom wants her baby is fed and content. Your baby will let you know that he is hungry by hunger cues.  It is always best to nurse your baby on first signs of hunger like rooting, hands to mouth.

Usually, we think that If a baby is crying, one of the reason could be hunger. But crying is the last hunger signal. Your baby gives you a lot of hunger cues that he is hungry, ready to feed.

Baby signs of hunger

  1. Licking lips
  2. Opening and closing mouth
  3. Sucking on lips, hands, fingers, toys, toes
  4. Trying to position for nursing
  5. Fussing
  6. Crying

Be Patient

Let your baby nurse as long as he wants. Don’t be hurry. Help your baby get as much of your breast as possible into his mouth. Babies typically breastfeed for 15 to 20 minutes on each breast.

Get comfortable

Be relaxed and calm while you breastfeed. Get yourself comfortable with pillows as needed to support your arms, head, and neck on a bed. You can use a comfortable chair with armrest & footer for foot-rest. Both baby and mom need rest so take power naps.

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