Vision Rehabilitation

Family Education Program: Independent Living
Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired External

Provides online courses on independent living for the newly visually impaired. Includes classes on home maintenance, clothing, cooking, housekeeping, mobility basics, personal care, and dining. Includes online self-help groups and articles on self-esteem and adjusting to blindness.

Low Vision Aids and Low Vision Rehabilitation
American Academy of Ophthalmology External

Advises on making the most out of your low vision. Includes reviews of vision aids and a summary of life-management skills learned in vision rehabilitation.

Services for Older Persons Who are Blind or Visually Impaired
American Foundation for the Blind External

Summarizes services available to older adults in need of vision rehabilitation. Investigates legal aspects.

Vision Rehabilitation for Seniors
Perkins Scout External

Provides tools to maintain independence after vision loss. Includes comprehensive articles on seniors, vision loss, and vision rehabilitation and a message board where seniors and their caregivers can ask experts questions.

Vision Rehabilitation Services
VisionAware External

Provides information on communication skills, personal management skills, independent movement and travel, low-vision devices, and vocational rehabilitation for seniors with visual impairment. Lists vision rehabilitation services by state and highlights personal stories on a blog and message board.