A Start-to-Finish Doctor Visit Checklist
For many seniors, doctor’s visits are stressful. Use this checklist to help ease anxiety.

-Arrange transportation to and from appointments

-Identify whether or not a companion is necessary for the visit

-Check if the appointment or associated tests require seniors to contact their insurance company ahead of time for pre-certification or other purposes

Pack everything needed for a successful appointment:

-Insurance cards
-Photo ID
-Payment for co-pays or other charges
-Contact information for other doctors
-List of current medications
-List of allergies/medical conditions
-Medical records, if needed
-A list of questions for the doctor
-A notepad or device for note-taking

Verify at checkout after the appointment:

-If further testing or labs are required
-When new prescriptions should be picked up
-If there are instructions or treatment notes seniors can take home with them
-When follow-up appointments are scheduled
-If any payment is due